Prosperity Candle with Carnelian, Citrine/Prosperity Spell/Money Ritual/Soy/wealth/scented
Prosperity Candle with Carnelian,...
Prosperity Candle with Carnelian,...

Prosperity Candle with Carnelian, Citrine/Prosperity Spell/Money Ritual/Soy/wealth/scented

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Candle composition: 100% soy wax, wooden wick, herbs: mint, thyme, ginger essential oil, natural semi-precious stones: carnelian and citrine.

If you are looking to transform your financial situation, draw in more business into your life, find a more fulfilling or better paying job, this intention candle is certainly for you.

Designed with Сarnelian which is associated with said properties:
- It draws in money and wealth vibration
- It aides with decision making while clearing your mind of doubt
- It helps with stabilizing your finances
- It helps to figure out what it is that makes you happy, and how to go about getting it
- It encourages growth while setting your mindset to winning

Infused with mint, thyme, ginger essential oil, which support the high vibration of the candle.

After lighting the candle, it turns into a beautiful cauldron of manifestation, sending your intention to the universe. When lighting the wick for the first time, please take a moment to visualize your wishes.
After the candle burns, the crystal can be cleaned of wax residue and carried with, so you can continue to benefit from its properties.

Our candles are 100% handmade, so each of them may be slightly different.

Candle is approximately 70ml/2,5oz.

If you are planning to light our candles for more than 15min at a time, please put them on a heat resistant plate or surface so to avoid any damages caused by heat to your furniture (always better safe than sorry!).

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- Our orthodox candles: all candles meet the highest quality standards. Burn time of 120 minutes, 21 cm long and 6.0 mm thick beeswax candles enrich your meditati-on, prayer ritual and home altar.
- Made from beeswax: choose pure beeswax as candles for meditations, rituals.
- Our orthodox candles fill the room with a delicate honey fragrance that can create a special atmosphere.
- Store candles in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Shape and colour may change with use.

The candle in the Orthodox Christian context is a symbol of a worshiper offering oneself to God. It is also a symbol that represents the Light of God or, more specifically, the Light of Christ. The candles are be made of traditional beeswax. Non-beeswax candles are frowned upon.
Candles and the symbology of "light" are omnipresent in the Orthodox Christian's life, both in church and the home, providing an ambiance for prayer as well as decoration.

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