Bekro Candle Dyes for Candle Making

Bekro Candle Dyes for Candle Making

Introducing highly concentrated Bekro dyes to make every candle a masterpiece!

These dyes are perfect for colored candles. Just add any color to the molten wax and watch it spreading evenly. We have worked hard to ensure there is no difference between mass-produced and handmade candles – and this means that your creations will find more happy clients. What is more, the prices will not break your bank but become an inspiring investment into your creativity.

Exquisite aesthetics at your fingertips! You can mix the dyes into composite colors and make candles that match or complement any room, a piece of furniture or haberdashery.

Experiments are a must! The best coloring result is achieved with paraffin wax (approx. 5kg of wax per 10g bag of a dye). Gelwax is unsuitable, and vegetable waxes may require extra loading. The amount of wax entirely depends on the intensity of the color the master wants to achieve. The color of the solid dye may slightly differ from the color of a finished candle. Candle makers are encouraged to experiment before fully embarking on a project.

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