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Easter candles

Easter candles are a special attribute of the holiday, which is especially revered by believers. These candles have the power to help get rid of illnesses and sorrows, give protection from troubles, bless in all endeavors. Easter candles are made from foundation, wax.

An Easter egg means new life, rebirth, so Easter eggs are given: either painted chicken eggs, or painted wooden ones, or in the form of candles. Easter candles in the shape of an egg correspond to the spirit of the holiday as much as possible and will help you join the old traditions.

Candles lit on Easter night have amazing healing power, with which you can cleanse your home of all the negativity that has accumulated in your home. Does everything that is consecrated in the church for Easter require a particularly reverent attitude?

After the Easter service, candles were kept in the house as a talisman against all troubles, lit in difficult moments. Newlyweds are blessed with Easter candles, lit if someone in the house is sick. Easter candles, according to folk signs, are powerful protection against thieves, fires, damage and the evil eye, so they must be in the house.

Easter is decorated with a wide variety of decorative candles, in the form of Easter animals, eggs, baskets, etc.

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