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Dipped candles

DIPED CANDLES are the most ancient and very beautiful candles - for many centuries dipped candles have been used in magic and energy practices.

The name comes from the ancient method of creating scented candles - this is one of the most energy-intensive and labor-intensive types of candles. Dipped candle - each individual. Even in one set of candles, no two are identical. According to a special technology, the wick is dipped in beeswax, the wax is allowed to cool, and then a new layer of wax is applied. Such a procedure can be carried out up to 60 times (40-60 layers of wax), and a conspiracy or mantra is recited for each, depending on the task of the candle.

It is the careful process of creation that provides such candles with a powerful effect of action. It remains only to light the wick and all the components inside the dipped candle open to full strength like a spring.

DIP CANDLES are energetically clean. Contains only natural beeswax and herbs. Such a tool is ideal for any magical practices, universal in use. Wax and such a candle will be ready to absorb your intention and reveal it in full force.

On their own, such candles are suitable for drinks and energy transfer, for cleansing a person, a room, for meditation and harmonization?

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