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Although dandelion is a ubiquitous weed, it can heal many diseases. This plant has been used since ancient times in folk medicine. Official medicine also recognizes the undeniable benefits of treatment with this plant.

The most common wild dandelions are record holders in terms of inulin content. Inulin helps to eliminate toxins and toxins, strengthens the immune system, restores the microflora of the thick and thin intestines, and also lowers blood sugar levels. Another well-known plant containing inulin is chicory. However, the amount of this substance there is five times less.

This tincture can be applied both externally and internally, and can also be used as a cosmetic procedure.

This tincture is not for social gatherings!!!!

External Application

Externally, the tincture is used for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. For example, for muscle pains after physical exertion. For diseases, the procedure is carried out twice a day for several weeks. If it's just muscle pain after exercise, one application is sufficient! The tincture also helps with insect bites and relieves itching. Very helpful for colds and can be used with compresses.

Internal Application

For internal use, the tincture is used for obesity, metabolic disorders, hypertension, nervousness, and many other diseases.

Cosmetic Application

In cosmetology, dandelion tincture is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:3. It has a whitening effect and fights freckles and pigmentation spots. Various rashes, acne, and acne, as well as veins from burst vessels, disappear. Dandelion tincture even heals old scars from boils and lipomas.


Of course, there are contraindications too! The use of dandelion tincture is prohibited in case of stomach diseases and gallstone disease.

Preparation of the Tincture

Preparing the tincture is quite simple! It can be prepared from both the roots and the flowers of the plant.


  1. Collect dandelion flowers. Wash and dry them thoroughly. Fill a desired container tightly with the flowers and pour everything with 40-45% vodka. Close the container tightly and leave it in a dark place for 3-4 weeks. Then strain it through several layers of cheesecloth and transfer it to a dark container. Store it in a dark place.


  1. Collect dandelion roots, wash and dry them. Then grind the roots into powder. For one liter of 40-45% vodka, you will need 100 grams of dandelion root powder. Mix everything and leave it for a month to a month and a half in a dark place. Shake the container with the tincture every three days. After this time, strain the tincture from the sediment and filter it through cotton.

There are many recipes for application. But before finding them on the Internet and using the tincture for medicinal purposes, be sure to consult a doctor. Self-medication is not advisable!

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